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To my website which I created as a platform for yoga tutorials and open conversations via my blog!
I am Jeneva Yoga and I love to teach Yoga with a sense of freedom and Intuition helping you to discover the practice which suits you individually.

My goal is to provide a fun and lighthearted environment where you can learn some Yoga and find the practice that works best for you, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Jeneva Yoga Teacher

Jeneva Yoga

“Jeneva is a keen Yoga practitioner and teacher having completed a variety of yoga teacher trainings in India and taught all over the world”.


I was first introduced to Yoga by my mum when who practiced Yoga everyday while I was growing up. I used to copy her in the living room and take all of her Yoga books off the shelf and try to copy the poses. 

This was long before Yoga was in fashion or even popular in the West which makes this a much more personal journey for me with the roots very close to home.

The path has never been clear or easy. I always loved yoga but I never fully understood the why until long after I hit rock bottom much later in life.

The teachings of Yoga had always been there but often in the background. I had a turning point when I was Twenty Two years old where I realised I had completely fallen off track and wasn’t following my true purpose. I had very little confidence and very few boundaries leading to a lot of hurt and heartbreak, depression and addiction.

 I started reading more spiritual books, listening to inspirational talks and taking yoga classes everyday once again. Followed by a variety of teacher trainings in India. For years to follow I was trying to balance the heathy existence with my unhealthy work and relationship life that was slowly tearing me apart.  

Nine years later I finally understand the true benefit of daily work on the self. That daily practice of Yoga has allowed me to focus and develop healthier habits, let go of many unhealthy habits, surrender to what’s truly there, focus on the things I love, accept who I am in my heart and follow my own Intuition as well as reap the many physical benefits of a mindful and specific daily Yoga practice. That said, there is always more work to be done and I am proud to admit I am nowhere near perfect. I see Yoga as an endless journey with something new to teach us every day and with every practice. That is the gift.

I have been teaching for Seven years now and have managed to make teaching my full time career over the past couple of years. I have been lucky enough to thrive with my online teaching during the pandemic enabling me  to become completely independent doing what I love.

I focus primarily on teaching one to one sessions in order people find the practice which suits them best Individually. I occasionally teach group classes even though I still get so nervous teaching large groups of people, I believe it’s good to step outside of your comfort zone in order to grow.

I do my best to provide classes and guidance to help others get back on track through daily Yoga and work on the Self. I don’t believe in an overnight fix but a continued practice which will deepen over time. 

My goal is to live what I teach and follow my own creativity and intuition while listening to my students in order to teach the fundamental skills required to help guide them towards their individual Yoga journey. Daily Yoga and work on self can not only improve our physical health but help us to be more present, live a more purpose driven life and learn to trust our own intuition with a clear confident, true sense of self”. 

Creativity in sequencing and making my classes enjoyable are both very important aspects of my teaching however the ability to slow down and pay specific attention to correct alignment, technique and breath is key so I strive for a good healthy balance.

I specialise in teaching Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. Although I’ve been teaching primarily online this past year I am grateful to have taught in so many contrasting yet equally beautiful places including, Cambodia, Bali, Morocco, Thailand and of course the UK where I am from. Other styles of Yoga I have taught include; Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga, Sup Yoga, Mindfulness, Aerial Yoga and Kids Yoga.

With almost Thirty years in practice, I have completely fallen in love with the process and strive to help you reach your full potential through the wonderful gifts of yoga.

The many benefits of Yoga are breathtakingly extensive. Yoga is not an over night fix but with a prolonged practice amazing things really do happen…

I truly believe that.

On A Journey to Freedom and Self Knowledge. Listen to your own heart and soul, really listen, there you will find some answers.’ 

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I have a few spaces left for private lessons which can be booked by contacting me directly via my email: or


If you are new to Yoga private one to one lessons are a great way to start as this will enable us to work specifically on technique, alignment and find the Yoga practice which best suits you individually. Limited spaces available for Private, one to one Yoga Lessons booked in advance.

Bookings (1 Person) For Online Private Yoga Lessons With Me
1x Yoga Private Lesson £50
5x Yoga Private Lessons £225
10x Yoga Private Lessons £425

Corporate Group Classes £95

For more than one person prices vary depending on the number of people you would like to book a class for.

My Online Opening Hours

I work full time as a Yoga teacher however I do require bookings in advance unless you are joining one of my current group classes where I am happy for you to book last minute. Private Yoga classes work on a first come first serve basis booked at least a day in advance. My cancelation policy is a minimum of 24 hours notice.

Follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube for yoga Inspiration and short tutorials…

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