Freedom In Spirituality

 This is not a factual piece of writing but a desire to share my thoughts and feelings to start an open conversation on the subject of freedom in spirituality. I have not read every spiritual book, and nor do I understand every point of view. Therefore I have decided to embark on a journey to understand what is already speaking to my ‘Mind, Body and Soul’ at this moment in my journey.

Lost In The City

The largest, most westernised cities seem to be more lost. We are consumed by consumerism and the shallow desires of the ego, not fully understanding why these needs often take over. It’s the endless need for man to control that keeps people from waking up to their true potential and freedom go inwards. We develop addictions and habitual behavioural patterns, to handle our complex feelings and human desires, none of which we fully understand. Every human emotion is beautiful but to reach our potential we have to dig deep and be open to new discoveries, waiting to be unlocked, with a key we keep safely stored in our hearts. Once we understand what’s keeping us asleep, we can wake to the true beauty in the universe.

The most spiritual and beautiful places in the world where the space is enlightened, high up in the mountains, by the ocean or in the depths of nature, there it is, the place you feel most connected to your soul. It’s a place on earth that is ready to become conscious, if not already conscious or having lost its purity. Why is it that people are left to struggle and live a life of restriction, when life could be so much more?

That Which Floats Amongst The Stars

I truly believe that what is really there is welcoming and accepting to all of those who wake, and we don’t go there physically but energetically. A purely energetical place, vast and never ending, forever expanding, nurturing all the senses in perfect harmony. That which floats amongst the stars, accepting and welcoming to every being who wakes, buzzing at the perfect frequency, in complete alignment with our individual and collective bliss. That place where we can float and dance to the music within our hearts and souls. A never-ending space to drift away from the stress of internal and external conflict. Free from that preconditioned internal chatterbox, our crazy beautiful mind that is often not our friend. If we let go of that logic maybe we can start to let go and discover something that we otherwise make invisible.

That Enlightened Space

 There’s a beautiful place to find within us and all around us. We can visit anytime we truly desire, but we can only go there fully when we have completed our journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Achieved when open to new discoveries, letting the path unfold with a pure desire to see and feel the true beauty in simplicity.

 That space that is free from preconceptions and judgements passed on from previous generations. These beliefs must not be dismissed as they may or may not be truths of this time, but of a time in space where a someone woke up to tell their story. Then we tamper and change the words over time, and as a result we are left forever wondering.

We can close our eyes and still see the moon the stars and the ocean that in itself should give us some form of spiritual freedom.

Are We ALL Spiritual Beings?

  Are we all healers, musicians and spiritual beings, on the road to discovering our true form. Brought here to learn empathy and understanding of all beings, so that we can go back to the light which we came from. Only to do it all over again but better every time, ultimately rising us to that conscious enlightened space we truly desire, moving us in circles, in our search for truth. 

Maybe we are all spiritual beings with our own religion, that which resonates with our own heart and soul. Maybe we are primarily is the same but the frequency of which we belong is always ever so slightly different for every one of us.  We are blindly searching sensorially for that of which gives our life meaning individually and collectively. Searching in darkness to find that perfect balance that is true to our soul.

 Are we forever growing and expanding our mind, in preparation to reach that internal and external space, that takes us to a special harmonic place. A certain level of understanding can start to awaken inside us when we listen to our heart and mind in perfect unison. Letting go of the fear that weighs us down or prevents us from growing faster.  

Everything Moves In Waves

 Everything moving in circles, every time the same but ever so slightly different. Ever changing, like the moon and the tides, always the same but different. Sometimes the ocean is flat and sometimes it moves in waves. We also move differently, vibrating at our own individual frequency.  What better gift than to learn to embrace that. Embrace whats truly there under the surface letting it flow through you.

We walk the earth making strange encounters with people that we don’t understand, each one teaching us something we have not yet understood. While on this exciting journey to true self knowledge, we are scared to go deeper and truly understand this mystery, for fear of our death being the end, or even worse, for fear of living. 

Everything is relative and new things are always waiting to be discovered, only to be undiscovered again with a new discovery and this circle is forever unfolding. And theres that which is ever changing, yet its roots are always the same.


Why are we still sleeping when we know that life is more what we perceive? When we wake up to the vastness of the universe and to spirituality, such spirituality has to be on a different vibration than this endless book of rules and political divisions between people. Divisions that are causing unnecessary destruction to humanity and to our planet. Keeping consciousness at bay because of a deep desire to control.

 Questions could be never ending, but what is alive in all of us is that perfect balance of bliss which can be discovered briefly for a moment but takes generations to truly understand. If we do not reach that in this lifetime then maybe we travel back through the light and land in another body, that of which we except for all its flaws and take it with us on another wonderful rollercoaster of a journey and adventure, that which is the gift of life.


‘As everyone’s perception differs, there are many gaps in our universal understanding. I try to see the truth in every belief, as if it’s a truth to many, who are we to deny that? We are nobody and everybody, without having all of the answers. The basic universal teachings are not short of beautiful, passed on for generations, engrained in our psyche, holding a special place in the hearts and souls of believers. That to me, makes them all of value and truth, if only to give some meaning to those who believe in them. I respect everyone’s right to their belief and faith, but I’m convinced that what’s really there is so much more.’  Bridges built between humanity are only holding us back from reaching our true potential.    

 Listen to your own heart and soul, really listen, there you will find some answers. 

Love From Jeneva

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